Voyager, semi-mounted cart or single-wheel plough

This reversiblle semi mounted plough is adaptable to all types of plowing, soil and tractor. Its productive working width (from 5 to 14 bodies) makes it an everyday ally of the agricultural world. Robust and simple, it has a wide choice of moldboards, skimmer and security. The roller can be added as an option.


Semi-Mounted Ploughs Configure your Voyager

Highly productive ploughs:
fewer passes and optimized fuel consumption.
Single-wheel or carriage?

Your choice of semi-mounted single-wheel or carriage plough will depend on the contours of your fields and the manoeuvrability and working width that you want.

Single-wheel (Voyager S)

Manoeuvrability and productivity without making compromises
If you have small plots or fields with challenging contours, the choice of a single-wheel semi-mounted plough is by far the best option as it allows you to combine flexibility with a good working width.
Plough semi mounted single wheel Gregoire Besson
Carriage (Voyager C)

Topography and large farms
Do you have to work on sloped fields? Do you need to plough very large areas in a short time? Without question, you need a semi-mounted carriage plough.
Plough semi mounted carriage Gregoire Besson
A range of semi-mounted ploughs
from 5 to 14 furrows
Voyager S60
Working width:
125 → 210 hp
91,97 → 154,51 kW
1,50 → 4,00 m.
4,92 → 13,12 ft
Semi-mounted plough from 5 to 8 furrows
Voyager C60
Working width:
125 → 210 hp
91,97 → 154,51 kW
1,80 → 5,00 m.
5,91 → 16,40 ft
Semi-mounted plough from 6 to 10 furrows
Voyager S70
Working width:
210 → 400 hp
154,51 → 294,30 kW
1,50 → 4,50 m.
4,92 → 14,76 ft
Semi-mounted plough from 5 to 9 furrows
Voyager C80
Working width:
210 → 600 hp
154,51 → 441,45 kW
2,10 → 7,10 m.
6,89 → 23,29 ft
Semi-mounted plough from 7 to 14 furrows
In-furrow or on-land?

The choice between in-furrow or on-land is more than a just a discussion; it is about real situations and conditions.

Suitable for small to medium tractors, in-furrow ploughs make ploughing easier.

The tractor wheels sit in the furrow for good grip and traction, especially in wet conditions.

The furrow guides the tractor which is especially useful if you do not have GPS guidance.
Plough semi mounted In-furrow Gregoire Besson
On-land ploughs are suitable for high power tractors, including tracked, twin wheels or wheels over 710 mm in width. By working on-land, tyre wear is reduced, especially on flinty soils.

The Grégoire Besson semi-mounted on-land ploughs allow you to work either in-furrow or on-land.
Plough semi mounted on-land Gregoire Besson
Multi-position or Vario?

Selecting the best type of width adjustment for your plough...

If you always work with the same conditions (soil, plot layout, climate, crops, etc.), you probably won’t need to change your working width often.

When it is necessary, you simply loosen the working width adjustment bolts and position the plough bodies on the desired working width indicators. This only takes a few minutes.
semi mounted plough Multi-positions agricultural machinery
For ploughs used by several people (for example, in a cooperative) or when you have to plough in varying conditions (subcontracting, farms with different soils or crops, different terrains, etc.), we recommend the Vario system.

From the cab, you can adjust your working width and adapt to your needs in a few seconds. This is particularly useful in small plots and in headlands.
semi mounted plough Vario agricultural machinery
Choosing the right safety system is also important.

Does your soil contain stones? Is your soil clayey? What you need to know...

Low drag, low fuel consumption

The Voyager S60 and C60 are equipped with offset legs. Learn more about their benefits in this video.

In a few words, 100 litres of fuel saved for 150 hectares worked.

Smart design

The details that make all the difference.

Smooth turning
Turning your plough can be stressful. Whether you have the rack and pinion system or the double cylinder system, the Voyager can be turned smoothly even at the tipping point.

You can reverse the turning process at any time.
semi mounted plough soil preparation tool smooth turning
Rear lifting or articulation
On the carriage models, the rear lifting jack allows you to deal with headlands smoothly and perform delicate manœuvres.

The roller joint enables you to follow ground contours.
semi mounted plough soil preparation tool rear lifting
110° articulated headstock
Voyager’s 110° headstock articulation gives you optimum manoeuvrability. Comfortable and efficient on plots with complex geometry, it enables you to perform short and fast headland manœuvres.
semi mounted plough soil preparation tool articulated headstock
Z beam
The Voyager Z-shaped beam on single wheelers means that the wheel passage is covered by the last body. In addition, this beam allows the chassis to pass close to the wheel when turning.

The centre of gravity is lowered and manoeuvring is safer.
reversible semi mounted plough soil preparation tool Z beam
Load transfer
On rack and pinion models, you can fit a load transfer cylinder that enables you to shift weight to the rear of the tractor to give better traction.

You reduce your fuel consumption while optimizing grip.
reversible semi mounted plough soil preparation tool Load transfer
On Voyager, the hydraulic offset management enables you to adapt to tractor tracks from 1.3 to 4.7 m width. This hydraulic adjustment offers you a precise, simple and efficient setting.
reversible semi mounted plough soil preparation tool Offset
Adding or removing a body
If you change to a higher or lower power tractor, you can add or remove a ploughing body. Remember to specify this when configuring your plough. You don’t have to change ploughs when you change tractors.
reversible semi mounted plough soil preparation tool adding  a body
Simple settings
You can set the working depth in 3 places: the tractor lift at the front, a stop screw on the carriage (depending on the model) and another on the depth wheel. To adjust tilt, simply adjust the stop screws located either side of the headstock. That’s it, you’re ready.
reversible semi mounted plough soil preparation tool Simple settings
Hydraulic controls
With the hydraulic selector you can have up to 6 hydraulic controls in the cab even if you only have 3 hydraulic valves on your tractor.
reversible semi mounted plough soil preparation tool Hydraulic controls
Positioning the plough
When you’re manoeuvring in headlands, turning the plough one way then the other helps you to position it. This means you can position and guide it exactly where you want.
reversible semi mounted plough soil preparation tool positionning
Precise ploughing from 15 to 40 cm deep over different working widths.

Depending on the soil, your farming programme, the working depth and the volume of material to be buried, you can do crumbled or deeper, high furrow ploughing.

Crumbled ploughing

The step before seedbed preparation
If you are about to plant a crop, crumbled ploughing enables you to mix the material just before passing with a seedbed preparer.

This step makes it easier to pass with the seedbed preparer while weeding and enriching the lower soil layer.

Crumbled ploughing can be carried out at fairly high speed and results in a flatter soil.
Semi mounted plough crumbled plowing agriculture
Over winter ploughing

Let water and oxygen enter the soil
If you need to do winter ploughing, especially in clayey soils, it can be valuable to do deeper, high furrow ploughing. This allows you to channel the water, which during winter will turn into frost and break up the ground.

Crumbled ploughing also allows oxygen to penetrate the intermediate layers of the soil. In spring, this will make ploughing and sowing easier.

Crumbled ploughing, which is carried out with a helicoidal mouldboard, has a better capacity to bury organic matter. It maintains the structure on the surface for a few months without work and helps the germination of weeds present in the soil.
Plough semi mounted winter plowing agriculture
The benefits and agronomical advantages of ploughing

Although it has often been criticized, ploughing is making a comeback as it brings a multitude of benefits to the soil in one pass.

Soil structure
Ploughing improves soil structure. By turning and loosening the soil, ploughing allows air and water to circulate.

Then freezing and thawing actions break up the soil, creating a structure that is suitable for cultivation.

Ploughing is an effective step in seedbed preparation.
Plough semi mounted Soil structure Gregoire Besson
Ploughing allows you to introduce organic fertilizers into the soil (manure, slurry, residues, plant cover, grassland...)

Ploughing gives you the opportunity to provide important nutrients (such as phosphorus, potassium, etc.) for the roots of your future crop.

By diluting these elements in large volumes of soil, ploughing helps to sustain future crops.
Plough semi mounted Burial Gregoire Besson
Weed control
Ploughing buries weed seeds deep enough so that they do not germinate and then compete with your crop.

This cleans the soil surface mechanically and lowers input costs for farmers. No chemical action is necessary.
new Plough semi mounted Weed control Gregoire Besson
Water flow
Ploughing allows water to infiltrate and circulate freely and so limit retention.

By circulating within the intermediate and deep layers, water does not create a crust which prevents erosion of the nutrient-rich surface.
new Plough semi mounted Water flow Gregoire Besson
Extreme weather
When droughts or heavy rains prevent straightforward cultivation, ploughing provides a viable solution.

By bringing a uniform and balanced level of moisture into the different layers, planting becomes possible again despite challenging conditions.
New Plough semi mounted Extreme weather Gregoire Besson
Ploughing makes nitrogen less volatile by trapping it in the soil which accelerates mineralization.

Nitrogen accelerates the decomposition of organic matter. Existing crops benefit from its increased availability.
New Plough semi mounted Mineralization Gregoire Besson
Which ploughing body should I choose?

Your soil hardness will mainly determine whether you should take a body with bolt-on points or a body with bar points. We recommend bodies with bar points for soils that tend to become compacted or for grasslands.

The Andpak roller
can also be part of the trip
Grégoire Besson presents a different perspective on ploughing. Combining a mounted roller and a plough in crop management helps to protect the soil from erosion. The soil is turned and consolidated, retaining moisture for an even and rapid germination of future seedlings. In light soils, this equipment prevents wind erosion.

Land needs to breathe. It is necessary to manage soil compaction. Instant consolidation creates the lift needed to establish the next crop.
The Andpak roller refines the surface structure to make it ideal for sowing (or self-seeding). It contributes to the success of the first stage of plant growth.

The plough + mounted roller combination is very manoeuvrable at the end of a plot and very compact on the road. Instant consolidation results in productivity as it eliminates the need to pass with a roller on its own.
The Trailed LIfter
A solution for tractors without rear lift
The Trailed Lifter has been developed for tractors without lift or those with poor position control. It serves as a rear lift. It brings a good balance of load on your tractor by optimizing traction, especially on single track tractors.
We have equipped the Trailed Lifter with large diameter wheels for a good training. The wheels and the wheelbase are wide for a good stability of the whole. The adjustment of the depth remains very simple by the positioning of a low stop.
A look around your machines...
Our customers tell us
Voyager semi-mounted plough working soil testimony farmer 1
Alexander Nikolaevich, Russia, Krasnodar region, Caucasus region
Voyager S70« The Grégoire Besson 8 body plow works for its first year. We work after corn and wheat on 500 ha. We had seen this plow in the neighboring farm and decided to take the same thing. It closes the crop residues completely, after which there are no more residues on the surface. »
Voyager semi-mounted plough working soil testimony farmer 2
Sergey Nikolaevich Olkhovsky, Russia, Belgorod region, Chief Engineer of the Novooskol branch
Voyager S70« The plow has been working for us since 2008, we got it from the previous owner when we bought the farm. The plow is used with a John Deere 7830 tractor. It works perfectly, everyone is happy. You can see for yourself what is the technical condition - we tint when setting in winter storage. There have never been any questions about this, consumables are consumables and have never been a problem. A hard worker, in a word. »
Voyager semi-mounted plough working soil testimony farmer 2
Mayboroda Sergey Ivanovich, Russia, Krasnodar region
Voyager S70« We acquired the SPML plow in 2013, we chose it for the quality of its plowing. Our leaders have seen how this plow works in demonstration. We are satisfied with the way it plows: broken and scattered furrows are excluded. The fusion of plow and plant residues is of high quality. That’s why we chose the Grégoire Beson plow. Last year, we bought another one. »
  1. 1.Maximum configurability
  2. 2.Culmination of more than 200 years experience
  3. 3.Wide choice of mouldboards, skimmers...
  4. 4.Adaptable for all types of ploughs and tractors
  5. 5.Productive working widths from 5 to 14 bodies
  1. 6.More than 20,000 models in use
  2. 7.Safety systems adapted to all types of soil
  3. 8.Simple and robust settings
  4. 9.Rapid work start-up and finish
  5. 10.Optional roller for fewer passes
Configure your Voyager
Choose your semi-mounted plough in accordance with your tractor power and select the options that interest you.
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