Mounted Ploughs Configure your Rover

’The most ecological and sustainable weed control solution in the world.’
A range of reversible mounted ploughs
from 3 to 7 furrows
Rover 60
Working width:
125 → 210 hp
91,97 → 154,51 kW
2,24 → 2,80 m.
7,35 → 9,19 ft
Mounted plough from 5 to 6 furrows
Rover 70
Working width:
210 → 310 hp
154,51 → 228,08 kW
2,24 → 3,05 m.
7,35 → 10,01 ft
Mounted plough from 5 to 7 furrows
Rover 80
Working width:
310 → 400 hp
228,08 → 294,30 kW
2,54 → 3,56 m.
8,33 → 11,68 ft
Mounted plough from 5 to 7 furrows
In-furrow or on-land?

More than just a preference,
this choice is primarily based on your working conditions.

Designed for tractors with single wheels, in-furrow ploughs make ploughing easier.

When positioned in the furrow, the tractor wheels provide good grip. By pressing against the bottom of the furrow, traction is at its best, especially in wet conditions. The tractor does not slip and you use less fuel.

The furrow guides the tractor in a way that is very convenient if you do not have GPS navigation.
Rover in-furrow
On-land mounted ploughs are generally recommended if your tractor is equipped with tracks, twin wheels or wheels over 710 mm wide.

Some of our customers prefer on-land ploughing even though their tractor is equipped with single wheels so that they can use their GPS guidance system.

By ploughing on-land, you will reduce tyre wear, especially if you have flinty soil.
Rover on-land
Choice of 2 systems to adjust working width:
Multi-position or Varilarge

Which system should I choose?
It’s quite simple, this is what you need to know...

If your ploughing conditions do not vary significantly (plot contours, soil hardness, climate, crops, etc.), you do not need to change your working width frequently. In this situation, we recommend the multi-position system.

When you need to change the working width of your plough, simply loosen the adjustment bolt and then position each plough body on the indicator for the width you want. The process takes just a few minutes.
Rover Multi-positions
If your plough is used by different people (for example, in a cooperative) or if you use your plough in different conditions (for example, subcontracting or on farms with different soils and crops), we recommend the Varilarge system.

Using a hydraulic control valve in the tractor cab, you can adjust the working width to suit your needs. The bodies are always perfectly aligned.

The Varilarge system is particularly useful for plots that have complicated shapes.
Rover Varilarge
A choice of 2 safety systems

How should I choose, and which options should I include?
Let’s look at what’s involved.

Compact, easy-to-handle, flexible....

The no-compromise, reversible mounted plough
with the Grégoire Besson brand.

Compact sizes
With optimised lengths, the first body being as close as possible to the tractor and with body spacing starting at 90 cm, the overall size of Rover mounted ploughs is reduced.
Rover Compact sizes
1st Line Offset
You can configure your 1st body to have a very large offset to reduce your working width and plough in areas that are difficult to work in.
Rover 1st Line Offset
3rd Point Suspension
In order to protect your back and reduce impacts on the tractor chassis and plough, the coupling 3rd point can be connected to a hydraulic system that absorbs shocks.
Rover 3rd Point Suspension
Hydraulic Switch
All adjustments are made from the tractor cab even though there are only three double-acting spool valves. There is no need to have a large number of valves to benefit from all the plough’s functions.
Rover Hydraulic Switch

Make a long-term, worthwhile investment.
Choose Grégoire Besson for the right reasons.

Robust Shafts
The shaft is the heart of the plough. This is where the greatest number of forces are exerted. The bearings between the front axle and the shaft are distributed over a long length.

This ensures good rigidity, optimal tightness, long-lasting turning and provides traction transfer.
Rover Robust Shafts
Double Frames
Rover frames are extremely robust due to their thickness and tubular construction.

By doubling them (welding 2 by 2), Grégoire Besson ensure that their frames give unbeatable longevity to your mounted plough.
Rover Double Frames
High-strength steel
Our suppliers provide us with high-strength steels that are tested and verified.

They strictly comply with our specifications which means you can be sure of robust components throughout the life of your plough.
Rover High-strength steel
Finite Element Analysis
The Grégoire Besson design office uses ’Finite Element Analysis’ (FEA) software.

This means that high safety coefficients can be defined to guarantee optimal material resistance from the very beginning of the design.
Rover Finite Element Analysis
Smart Design

We have been listening to farmers and designing ploughs since 1802. This experience speaks for itself.

Protective Covers
To protect hydraulic hoses and other vulnerable components, we fit protective covers on the headstock to minimize impacts and soil accumulation.

The pressure gauges are still visible for reading from the cab.
Rover Protective Covers
Independent Offset and Tilt
Grégoire Besson’s parallelogram system enables you to make independent fine adjustments between the offset and the tilt.

This allows you to adapt the plough to different tractor tracks, plough evenly on slopes and completely erase the first body line.
Rover Independent Offset and Tilt
Add or remove a body
If you plan to change your tractor for one with higher or lower power, you can add or remove a body which means you continue to profit from your investment without having to change ploughs.
Rover Add or remove a body
For more than 4 bodies, we offer Z-beam frames.

The last body is positioned after the wheel which means there are no unworked areas. This improves the load transfer and makes the ploughing even more precise.
Rover Z-beam
Offset leg

A simple design feature that makes the plough easy to pull and reduces fuel consumption.

So, if you work 100 hectares per year, the offset leg will save you 150 litres of fuel.

2 types of vertical plumb adjustment

Mechanical or hydraulic?
It’s a simple choice.

Mechanical vertical plumb
Mechanical vertical plumb adjustment is ideal for in-furrow ploughing and for users who always plough at the same depth on uniform plots.

If you want to align your plough with the tractor tilt in the furrow, simply insert or remove small metal shims in the vertical plumb adjusters and you are ready to go.
Rover Mechanical vertical plumb
Hydraulic vertical plumb
Hydraulic vertical plumb adjustment is also recommended for in-furrow ploughing, and if your plough is used at different working depths.

It corrects the plough’s vertical angle after the first pass which means it is easy to use. It also offers increased safety when attaching or detaching the Rover.
Rover Hydraulic vertical plumb
Forward centre of gravity, easier lifting
Rover Forward centre of gravity, easier lifting
The Rover has a forward centre of gravity, close to the hitch and tractor.

This makes the tractor easier to manœuvre and enables smooth lifting.

It is still heavy enough for good penetration into loose or compacted soils.
A wide choice of wheels
RJR Wheel
Back depth wheel
Mechanical adjustment
Tyres available:
- 10.0 / 75 - 12
- 320 x 60 - 12
Rover RJR Wheel
RT 10 Wheel
Reinforced lateral depth wheel
Mechanical adjustment
Tyres available:
- 13.0/55 x 16
- 11.5/80 x 15.3
Rover RT 10 Wheel
RTT 10 Wheel
Lateral depth wheel & transport
Mechanical adjustment
Tyres available:
- 13.0/55 x 16
- 11.5/80 x 15.3
Rover RTT 10 Wheel
RLBM Wheel
Lateral depth wheel and transport
Hydraulic adjustment and realignment
Tyres available:
- 320 x 60 - 12
Rover RLBM Wheel
RLBH Wheel
Lateral depth wheel and transport
Hydraulic adjustment and realignment
Tyres available:
- 320 x 60 - 12
Rover RLBH Wheel
RTRH Wheel
Lateral depth wheel and transport
Hydraulic adjustment and realignment
Tyres available:
- 10.0 / 75 - 12
- 320 x 60 - 12
- 11.5 / 80 - 15.3
- 13 / 55 - 16
Rover RTRH Wheel
RCRH Wheel
Lateral depth wheel and transport
Hydraulic adjustment and realignment
Tyres available:
- 10.0 / 75 - 12
- 320 x 60 - 12
- 11.5 / 80 - 15.3
- 13 / 55 - 16
Rover RCRH Wheel
Which type of body should I choose?

Your soil hardness will mainly determine whether you should take a body with bolt-on points or a body with bar points. We recommend bodies with bar points for soils that tend to become compacted or for grasslands.

Self-aligning roller for consolidation
You can add an Andpak roller on Rover 60, 70 and 80, regardless of the safety or working width management system you choose.

This roller works like a front compactor, it self-aligns with the bodies and enables you to consolidate the soil. It delivers soil that is ready to be seeded in a single pass. It can also help you with self-seeding.
It makes a significant contribution to seed germination by preserving soil moisture and limiting erosion.

It can be integrated along the entire length of the plough and enables a stress-free first pass at the edge of the field.
Our customers tell us
Daniel, Belgium
rover 50« We bought it 4 years ago and its done about 1600 hectares. It’s like new. We’ve changed the points twice. What I like is the simplicity of the settings. We do everything when we start ploughing, but if we need to change a setting, we do it in the cab. »
Rover Jean-Claude, France
Jean-Claude, France
rover 60« We do a lot of subcontracting and we’re on our third Rover. The machine is reliable and durable. All the settings are centralized in the cabin. It is easy to use. We have a high work rate. Ploughing is increasingly requested by our customers. We have more and more customers who do organic farming. »
Bartosz, Poland
Rover 70« We use it on our 2,000 hectare farm. We chose hydraulic safety because we have a lot of stones in the fields. It triggers quite often. If we had taken the shear bolt safety, we would never stop replacing them. It is a reliable machine. »
A look around your machine...
  1. 1.Compact, easy-to-handle, flexible....
  2. 2.Robust
  3. 3.Smart design
  4. 4.Available in-furrow or on-land
  5. 5.Compatible with different types of tractors
  1. 6.Forward centre of gravity, smooth lifting
  2. 7.Low drag, low fuel consumption
  3. 8.Wide choice of equipment for all types of soil
  4. 9.Self-aligning roller for consolidation
  5. 10.Excellent stability in the field and on the road
Configure your Rover
A reversible mounted plough is an essential piece of equipment. Configure your Rover carefully.
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