Basic Mounted Ploughs Configure your Prima

’The most straightforward
and long-lasting ploughs on the market.’
A range of reversible mounted
ploughs from 2 to 7 furrows.
Prima 40
Working width:
50 → 85 hp
36,79 → 62,54 kW
0,60 → 1,60 m.
1,97 → 5,25 ft
Mounted plough from 3 to 4 furrows
Prima 50
Working width:
85 → 125 hp
62,54 → 91,97 kW
0,60 → 2,50 m.
1,97 → 8,20 ft
Mounted plough from 2 to 5 furrows
Prima 70
Working width:
125 → 310 hp
91,97 → 228,08 kW
0,90 → 3,00 m.
2,95 → 9,84 ft
Mounted plough from 4 to 7 furrows
Prima 80
Working width:
310 → 400 hp
228,08 → 294,30 kW
1,70 → 2,15 m.
5,58 → 7,05 ft
Mounted plough from 4 to 5 furrows
Simplicity in all aspects

Simplicity is important, especially when you face other challenges every day.

Clean hitching
On all models, you have a simple headstock with cross beams where you adjust the plumb mechanically by a screw. You can also manually lock the plough for transport mode.
Prima Clean hitching
Robust beams
All Prima beams are reinforced (except Prima 40). This gives them greater resistance to twisting, bending and impacts.
Prima Robust beams
Multi-position Adjustment
To adjust the working width, a pin-and-hole system allows you to change the angle of each element. You can then work from 12 to 22’’ depending on the inter-body spacing and Prima model.
Prima Multi-position Adjustment
Prima 70 Suspension
As an option on this model, you can choose a suspended headstock in order to minimise the load of your tractor’s lift. You gain in comfort and your equipment lasts longer.
Prima Prima 70 Suspension
Simple adjustments
You adjust the vertical plumb with a stop screw. You set the tilt using a mechanical tie rod. You control the depth by the wheel and the coupling.
Your plough is set.
Prima Simple adjustments
Hydraulic realignment
When in-furrow models with more than 4 bodies are turned, a hydraulic cylinder realigns the plough so that it does not touch the ground.
Prima Hydraulic realignment
Prima 40, 50 & 70 in-furrow offset
You can adjust your offset by means of a multi-position system. This means you can have very short and strong ploughs. It transfers as much load as possible to the tractor. Grip is improved and you use less fuel.
Prima Prima 40, 50 & 70 in-furrow offset
Prima 70 on-land & 80 on-land offset
The offset management on these two models allows you to work on-land with tractor tracks up to 3.5 m wide.
Prima Prima 70 on-land & 80 on-land offset
Adding or removing a body
Do you plan to change your tractor one day? For one with higher power? Or lower? Remember, you can easily add or remove a ploughing body. Don’t forget to specify this when configuring your plough. This means that you do not have to change ploughs if you change tractors.
Prima Adding or removing a body
Ploughing in-furrow or ploughing on-land?

This is less a personal choice and more a question of the conditions of your environment. Let’s look at what’s involved.

If your tractor has with single wheels, and you plough at less than 35 cm, in-furrow ploughs are made for you.

By placing the tractor wheels in the furrow, ploughing is easier. The wheels can get a good grip on the bottom of the furrow. Traction is then at its best, especially in wet conditions. Slippage is limited and you save fuel.

If you do not have GPS, the furrow serves as a guide.
Prima in-furrow
On the other hand, on-land ploughs are more suitable if your tractor is equipped with tracks, twin wheels or wheels over 710 mm wide.

By ploughing on-land, you will reduce tyre wear, especially if you have flinty soil.

Sometimes, our customers choose an on-land plough even though their tractor is equipped with single wheels because they prefer to use their GPS guidance system.
Prima On-land
Shear bolt or hydraulic safety system?

Why choose one or the other?
You’ll see, it’s very simple.

Depth wheels
for all needs
RJL Wheel
Lateral depth wheels
Mechanical adjustments
Tyres available:
- 600 x 9
- 200/60 x 14.5
- 10.0/75 x 12
Prima RJL Wheel
RT 10 Wheel
Reinforced lateral depth wheel
Mechanical adjustment
Tyres available:
- 13.0/55 x 16
- 11.5/80 x 15.3
Prima RT 10 Wheel
RTT 10 Wheel
Lateral depth wheel & transport
Mechanical adjustment
Tyres available:
- 13.0/55 x 16
- 11.5/80 x 15.3
Prima RTT 10
RTRH Wheel
Reinforced lateral depth wheel
Hydraulic adjustment and realignment
Tyres available:
- 11.5 / 80 - 15.3
- 13 / 55 - 16
Prima RTRH Wheel
RCRH Wheel
Lateral depth wheel and transport
Hydraulic adjustment and realignment
Tyres available:
- 11.5 / 80 - 15.3
- 13 / 55 - 16
Prima RCRH Wheel
RTHD Wheel
Reinforced rear depth wheel
Mechanical adjustment
Tyres available:
- 11.5 x 80 - 15.3
Prima RTHD Wheel
Which ploughing body should I choose?

Your soil hardness will mainly determine whether you should take a body with bolt-on points or a body with bar points. We recommend bodies with bar points for soils that tend to become compacted or for grasslands.

A look around your machines...
Our customers tell us
Alexandru, Roumania
Prima 40« I am satisfied with this plough because it was not expensive, even so I’m able to do 200 hectares per year with my Belarus tractor. »
Prima Thierry, France
Thierry, France
Prima 50« It’s simple, robust and works well... It is very simple. Easy to maintain, easy to hitch up and then easy to adjust. »
Dongxia, China
Prima 70« On our state farm in Heilongjiang, we have nine Prima 70 in-furrow and on-land which were specially developed for our region. We plough after maize and cotton harvests. We chose Grégoire Besson for service and quality. »
  1. 1.Simple and robust
  2. 2.30,000 models in use worldwide
  3. 3.Compatible with tractors that have low lifting capacity
  4. 4.Ploughing bodies that adapt to soils worldwide
  5. 5.Choice of 2 proven safety systems
  1. 6.Available as in-furrow or on-land versions
  2. 7.Rapid start-up and maintenance
  3. 8.Wide choice of wheels
  4. 9.Possibility to fit a roller arm
  5. 10.Peace of mind so you can focus on your profession
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