One-Pass Finishers Configure your Discordon

Remove the stubble, decompact, mulch and reconsolidate
in one pass.
Work your soil at different depths
with or without tines

As the working height of the tines is adjustable, you can work your soil from shallow stubble ploughing to deeper subsoiling.

Deep tillage
(United Kingdom)
Discordon Deep tillage
Stubble ploughing
Discordon stubble ploughing
Grassland Destruction
Doscordon Grassland Destruction
Cover crop destruction
Discordon cover crop Destruction
A range of working widths from 2.9 to 7.2 m.
Discordon 60
Working width:
Transport width:
125 → 210 hp
91,97 → 154,51 kW
3,00 → 3,50 m.
9,84 → 11,48 ft
3,00 → 3,50 m.
9,84 → 11,48 ft
Mounted one-pass finisher from 24 to 28 discs
Discordon T70
Working width:
Transport width:
210 → 310 hp
154,51 → 228,08 kW
4,20 → 5,20 m.
13,78 → 17,06 ft
3,00 → 3,00 m.
9,84 → 9,84 ft
Semi-mounted one-pass finisher with 32, 36 or 40 discs
Discordon T80
Working width:
Transport width:
310 → 600 hp
228,08 → 441,45 kW
5,70 → 7,20 m.
18,70 → 23,62 ft
3,00 → 3,00 m.
9,84 → 9,84 ft
Semi-mounted one-pass finisher with 44, 48, 52 or 56 discs
The perfect combination
of agronomy and productivity
Discordon The first discs open the ground
The first discs open the ground and scalp the surface. They destroy plants by mulching them to accelerate their decomposition. This ensures that the residue does not block the passage of the tines.
Discordon Adjustable tine depth
By adjusting the tine depth (up to 40 cm), you can either destroy more residue to improve the mulch or decompact the lower layers of the soil. This allows water to penetrate by promoting drainage and root exploration.
Discordon The second discs take up the mulch
The second discs take up the mulch, smooth and level it in order to fully prepare the soil for sowing. A uniform and level mixture promotes residue decomposition and organic activity.
Discordon The rollers ensure depth control and machine stability
The rollers ensure depth control and machine stability. They consolidate the ground so that it is not too porous. They provide optimal conditions for germination (self-seeding, sowing).
Many features
in one machine
 One-Pass Finisher 
With one Discordon pass, your soil is stubble ploughed, mulched, decompacted and reconsolidated. Discordon leaves a ventilated, irrigated, drained soil structure, enriched and populated with micro-organisms.
Discordon One-Pass Finisher
Your tractor consumes less fuel and you only use one machine instead of three.
Discordon Savings
You can allow the soil to degrade organic matter or let frost to restructure the ground. You can also sow directly into a quality mulch.
Discordon Agronomy
Consistent results with notched, smooth or alternated discs,
at the front as well as the rear.
Soil Structure
Volume of vegetation
Discordon Notched
  • Diameter: 660 mm
  • Thickness: 6 mm
Discordon Notched
  • Diameter: 660 mm
  • Thickness: 7 mm
Discordon Notched
  • Diameter: 710 mm
  • Thickness: 7 mm
Discordon Plain
  • Diameter: 660 mm
  • Thickness: 6 mm
Discordon Plain
  • Diameter: 660 mm
  • Thickness: 7 mm
Discordon Plain
  • Diameter: 710 mm
  • Thickness: 7 mm
2 Safety Systems
Robust chassis
Drawbar with elastomer ends
2 elastomer discs on the drawbar ends cushion road vibration during transport and provide flexibility between the Discordon chassis and the tractor hitch in the field.

They are maintenance-free and do not break.
Discordon Drawbar with elastomer ends
Two-level chassis
The working depth of the discs and tines is adjusted separately.

This enables the finish to be precisely adjusted to the soil structure.
Discordon Two-level chassis
Disc gang angle
The disc angle of attack is adjusted by means of a mechanical tie rod or a hydraulic jack. This enables you to adjust the aggressivity on plants according to the conditions and soil type.
Discordon Disc gang angle
Tine working depth
The tine frame and the disc frame are independent of each other. Fitted on a parallelogram, adjustments can be made continuously during work (T70 and T80 models).

The tines can work at the same depth as the discs and deeper.
Discordon Tine working depth
Offset Disc Gangs
By overlapping, the discs remove the surface horizon over the entire working width which means that there are no unprocessed strips.

They refine the soil profile, crush residues and create a uniform mixture that promotes organic activity.
Discordon offset disc gangs
High quality bearings
Their small size allows residues to pass through, which prevents clogging. The intelligent lubrication system prevents dirt from entering the bearing while allowing excess grease to escape. The double tapered roller bearing also extends service life.
Discordon High quality bearings
Rollers and harrows for all types of
soils, conditions and finishes
Discordon Tube roller
Tube roller
Particularly suitable for sticky soils, it offers very good bearing capacity on all types of ground. It accelerates plant decomposition and creates a good mulch.
Discordon Tube roller

Discordon Emopak V Roller
Emopak V Roller
Roller with flanged, V-shaped and notched wheels. Its mass enables you to consolidate for an excellent in-line finish. It is well suited for self seeding as it offers perfect soil-seed contact. It excels on dry, stony and cloddy soils.
Discordon Emopak V Roller

Discordon Emopak Flat Roller
Emopak Flat Roller
A heavy roller, the Emopak with a flat profile provides surface compaction, ideal for self seeding. It crushes clods and enables fine seedbed preparation.
Discordon Emopak Flat Roller

A look around your machines...
Safe transport & storage
For storage or road transport, the Discordon width is less than or equal to 3 meters.

DREAL road traffic approval.

Dimensions during transport or worst case storage:
Discordon 60
Width : 3,50 m. (11,48 ft.)
Height : 2,45 m. (8,04 ft.)
Discordon T70
Width : 3,00 m. (9,84 ft.)
Height : 3,50 m. (11,48 ft.)
Discordon T80
Width : 3,00 m. (9,84 ft.)
Height : 4,40 m. (14,43 ft.)
  1. 1.’All in one pass’ equipment
  2. 2.Maximum destruction of residues
  3. 3.Independent disc and tine settings
  4. 4.Suitable for high traction forces
  5. 5.Choice of two safety systems
  1. 6.Consistent work
  2. 7.Machine based on many years of experience
  3. 8.Choice of quality discs
  4. 9.Easy transport and storage
  5. 10.Versatility in all conditions
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