Seed-Bed Preparators Configure your Tetra

Easy to use and low maintenance
for perfect germination.
Seed bed preparation for seed sizes
from beet to field beans

To ensure optimal germination, Tetra offers you the ideal soil tillage for soil-seed contact.

Seedbed preparation
(Beet - France)
Beet - France
Seedbed preparation
(Corn - Hungary)
Corn - Hungary
A range of vibrocultivators
from 3 to 9 m working width
Tetra 50
Working width:
Transport width:
85 → 125 hp
62,54 → 91,97 kW
3,00 → 3,00 m.
9,84 → 9,84 ft
3,00 → 3,00 m.
9,84 → 9,84 ft
Seed-Bed Cultivator 3 m
Tetra 60
Working width:
Transport width:
125 → 210 hp
91,97 → 154,51 kW
4,50 → 6,00 m.
14,76 → 19,69 ft
3,00 → 3,00 m.
9,84 → 9,84 ft
Seed-Bed Cultivator 4.5 m or 6 m
Tetra 70
Working width:
Transport width:
210 → 310 hp
154,51 → 228,08 kW
7,50 → 7,50 m.
24,61 → 24,61 ft
3,00 → 3,00 m.
9,84 → 9,84 ft
Seed-Bed Cultivator 7.5 m
Tetra 80
Working width:
Transport width:
310 → 400 hp
228,08 → 294,30 kW
9,00 → 9,00 m.
29,53 → 29,53 ft
3,00 → 3,00 m.
9,84 → 9,84 ft
Seed-Bed Cultivator 9 m
What are Tetra’s agronomical advantages?
Surface levelling, sowing depth
It is cheaper and more profitable on any cultivated plot if plants are grown at the same time. For perfect plant emergence, perfect levelling is required. The Tetra allows you to level, smooth and re-consolidate the soil in a single pass.

Germination requires a seed depth which is deep enough to prevent the seed drying out but shallow enough to ensure a high rate of emergence and good plant density.
Tetra Surface levelling, sowing depth
Soil-seed contact
To germinate, the seed must absorb a large amount of water. Once it has swollen, it will be able to live on its reserves while it waits for leaves and moves on to photosynthesis.

Access to water will be through soil contact. If soil clods are too coarse, the seed can’t get to it easily. Crumbling reduces the presence of obstacles to lifting and porosity provides access to water and oxygen.
Tetra Soil-seed contact
Superficial crumbling
In order to have small clods on the surface and the fine soil underneath, you can adjust the degree of refinement in different positions on the machine.

In non crusting soil, the maximum degree of refinement and the best soil-seed contact possible is needed while avoiding rapid drying. The choice of ploughing depth also depends on pedo-climatic risks (crusting, dry conditions, etc.) during the germination and emergence phases.
Tetra Superficial crumbling
Soil warming
To grow, each seed has to reach a minimum temperature in order to germinate. By mixing the top soil layers, the Tetra allows the soil to warm up more easily in the sun so the plant can reach the right temperature in order to grow.

The Tetra also gives the seed access to air. It can then absorb oxygen but also release carbon dioxide. By breathing, it can germinate.
Tetra Soil warming
Tines for every type of seedling
Type of soil
Seed size
Tetra Straight profile, Double spring
Vibrocultivator tines
Straight profile, Double spring
  • Spacing between tines: 4
  • Rows of tines: 94 mm
  • Width: 32 mm
  • Thickness: 12 mm
  • Length: 400 mm
Tetra S-Shaped, Double spring
Vibrocultivator tines
S-Shaped, Double spring
  • Spacing between tines: 4
  • Rows of tines: 94 mm
  • Width: 32 mm
  • Thickness: 12 mm
  • Length: 400 mm
Tetra Straight
Vibrocultivator tines
  • Spacing between tines: 5
  • Rows of tines: 60 mm
  • Width: 32 mm
  • Thickness: 10 mm
  • Length: 285 mm
Tetra S-Shaped
Vibrocultivator tines
  • Spacing between tines: 5
  • Rows of tines: 60 mm
  • Width: 32 mm
  • Thickness: 10 mm
  • Length: 285 mm
Clever design
Single beam chassis
Made of high quality steel with a diameter of 160 x 160 mm, the main beam of the Tetra resists torsion effects to give a long working life. Being closer to the tractor, the machine’s centre of gravity is more centralized. This makes lifting easier and improves balance on the road.
Tetra Single beam chassis
Highly resistant swinging pivots
The vibrocultivators are equipped with pivot bars which allow the elements to swing. They are made of solid HTS steel (high yield strength) to provide flexibility to the lift and resistance to wear.
Tetra Highly resistant swinging pivots
Components parallel to the ground
Once you have set the Tetra’s level, you can adjust the various working components. They are all 1.5 m wide and are independent. With the parallelogram and the swinging pivot, you can follow the field perfectly.
Tetra Components parallel to the ground
Adjustable levelling blade
Rear-facing, the position prevents accumulation of earth. It is equipped with small depth-adjustable tines that trim and level the ground. Spring-mounted and mechanically or hydraulically height adjustable, it adapts easily to conditions.
Tetra Adjustable levelling blade
Hydraulic locking
For greater safety during storage and transport, the frame is fully locked by a balancing valve on the jack. This prevents the machine from opening accidentally. No additional handling is necessary to (un)lock the machine.
Tetra Hydraulic locking Hydraulic locking
Maintenance-free roller
The Rotoherse side cover prevents small ridges forming between the roller elements to give uniform levels. Positioned inside the roller, the bearings are protected from splashes.
Tetra Maintenance-free roller
Very low operating costs
Light clay
A light machine limits soil compaction by not overloading the tractor + equipment combination.
Tetra Light clay
With such a light weight, it can maintain a good working width while coupled to a small tractor.
Tetra Wide
Its weight-width ratio allows you to save fuel by making more effective and fewer passes.
Tetra Economical
Non-powered machine
Unlike rotary harrows, seedbed preparers have no Power Take Off (PTO). As a result, they use less energy.
Tetra Non-powered machine
Low wear
Vibrocultivator tines are made of high strength steel and are equipped with coulters. You only have to change the coulters when they are worn. The levelling blade tines are replaced less frequently,.
Tetra Low wear
Work rate
You are operational immediately with rapid folding and unfolding. Simple adjustments allow you to adapt the tools to different conditions in minutes. Thanks to generous working widths, you can prepare your seed beds in record time.
Tetra Work rate
2 rollers to choose from,
2 levels of granularity
Tetra Rotoherse
Excellent dispersal of clods, even in pebbly soils, the Rotoherse roller perfectly finishes tine work and levels the surface. It has a double roller with staggered seating to avoid creating small ridges between the different roller elements.
Tetra Rotoherse

The Crosskill roller is suitable for low stone soils. In addition to clod dispersal, it presses deep enough to create lift and makes it easier for the tractor to pass for the next crop. To maintain constant depth, the Crosskill runs evenly over the soil and does not sink.
Tetra Crosskill

Leave no trace...

A track eradicator allows you to loosen surfaces compacted by tractor wheels. Water can then infiltrate and so avoid lower return from wheel tracks.

Grégoire Besson provides different track eradicators depending on the type of
wheels and the type of soil.

Narrow cast iron
  • Eradication width: 4cm
  • Sold by: 4
  • Ideal for depth and for making narrow passages in compacted soil.
Tetra Narrow cast iron
Duck’s foot
  • Eradication width: 28 cm
  • Sold by: 2
  • Perfect for shallow and wide work to erase tractor tyre tread marks.
Tetra Duck’s foot
Space-saving and secure transport and storage
The different elements of the Tetra are superimposed on each other when folded. This positioning avoids exposing tines to road users. This safety feature and its compactness are also advantages for storage.

DREAL road traffic approval.

Dimensions during transport or worst-case storage:
Tetra 50
Width : 3,00 m. (9,84 ft.)
Height : 1,75 m. (5,74 ft.)
Tetra 60
Width : 3,00 m. (9,84 ft.)
Height : 2,59 m. (8,50 ft.)
Tetra 70
Width : 3,00 m. (9,84 ft.)
Height : 3,35 m. (10,99 ft.)
Tetra 80
Width : 3,00 m. (9,84 ft.)
Height : 4,19 m. (13,75 ft.)
  1. 1.Ease of use
  2. 2.Real agronomic benefits
  3. 3.Quick settings
  4. 4.Very low maintenance
  5. 5.Intelligent design
  1. 6.Choice of tines and rollers
  2. 7.Low overall ownership costs
  3. 8.Effective track mark eradicators
  4. 9.Secure transport and storage
  5. 10.Adaptable to all types of seeds
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