Occitan, the shallow stubble cultivator with large diameter independent discs combining versatility and efficiency

Occitan, the independent disc harrow with high working capacity. A tillage tool designed to reduce your costs thanks to its high working capacity and destruction of plant residues. Integrate your seed drill to increase its agronomic interest and reduce your production costs.


Shallow stubble cultivator with high capacity independent discs Configure your Occitan

Diversified work with a versatile stubble cultivation tool
A high capacity independent disc harrow to work up to18 cm deep

The Occitan can be used for shallow stubble cultivation after the harvest or for incorporating large volumes of plants, such as grain maize or cover crops.

Shallow stubble cultivation
Shallow stubble cultivation, independent disc harrows, soil cultivation
Incorporation of grain maize
Incorporation of grain maize, independent disc harrows, tillage
Mounted machines with 20 or 32 large diameter discs
Occitan 50
Working width:
Transport width:
85 → 210 hp
63,00 → 154,51 kW
2,50 → 4,00 m.
8,20 → 13,12 ft
2,50 → 4,00 m.
8,20 → 13,12 ft
Rigid mounted Stubble Disc Harrow from 20 to 32 independent discs
Occitan 60
Working width:
Transport width:
125 → 310 hp
91,97 → 228,08 kW
4,20 → 5,20 m.
13,78 → 17,06 ft
3,00 → 3,00 m.
9,84 → 9,84 ft
Mounted Stubble Disc Harrow with 24 independent discs
Occitan T60
Working width:
Transport width:
125 → 310 hp
91,97 → 228,08 kW
4,20 → 6,20 m.
13,78 → 20,34 ft
3,00 → 3,00 m.
9,84 → 9,84 ft
Semi-mounted shallow stubble disc harrow from 36 to 52 independent discs
Occitan T70
Working width:
Transport width:
300 → 450 hp
220 → 331 kW
7,20 → 8,20 m.
22,97 → 26,25 ft
3,00 → 3,00 m.
9,84 → 9,84 ft
Let’s talk about agronomy...
Residue decomposition
The Occitan evenly distributes crop residues and organic matter in the surface layer.

The soil is enriched as organic matter is added by the humified residue and earth mixture.
Shallow Stubble Cultivators Residue decomposition soil preparation
When the Occitan passes with a depth no more than 5 cm, it creates conditions conducive to weed emergence by encouraging soil-seed contact.

Seed stock lifting is dependent on soil moisture and the choice of the roller. Once germinated, a final pass destroys weed emergence and reduces the surface seed stock by about 40%.
Shallow Stubble Cultivators Self-seeding soil preparation
Pest control
The Occitan destroys adult pests and eggs on the surface.

Slugs and insects are eliminated by either mechanical action or surface dehydration.
Shallow Stubble Cultivators Pest control Soil preparation
Soil warming
All seeds need balanced conditions to germinate: water, air, heat and soil. With each pass, the Occitan brings moisture from the lower layer and aerates the soil. The soil then warms in the sun.

The independent disc harrow thus provides the conditions for rapid germination which in turn means good planting.
Shallow Stubble Cultivators Soil warming soil preparation
Soil-seed contact
Germination begins when the seed absorbs a large amount of water. For the seed to have access to water, it is important that soil clods surrounding the seed are not too coarse. The seed can take water from the soil when it has good contact with the soil.

In order to start photosynthesis, the seed also needs to be in contact with air and light. The soil covering the seed must be loose enough for it to have access to oxygen and for its vertical development in both directions to be unrestricted.
Shallow Stubble Cultivators Soil-seed contact soil preparation
Erosion control
The combined actions of the discs and the Occitan rollers provide excellent soil structuring. By breaking open potential surface crusts, water infiltration and retention capacity is increased.

By creating a mulch and leaving behind micro-furrows, Occitan equipment helps to limit erosion. Wind effects are limited, water storage capacity is improved and evaporation is reduced during intercrop periods.
Shallow Stubble Cultivators Erosion control soil preparation
The working part in detail
Independent disc harrows, large diameter self-sharpening discs
A Ø620 mm self-sharpening disc
We chose to fit large diameter discs to increase the working capacity of the tool.
These discs are self-sharpening thanks to the specific angle of the notches. These notches thus ensure, throughout their life, an optimal cutting of the residues for a better decomposition.
Double discs per arm, large diameter independent disc harrow
2 discs per arm for a better balance
Our safety system is designed to accommodate 2 discs, mounted on staggered bearings. This allows a perfect alignment of all the discs in the row.
The spacing is always the same between each disc, for a homogeneous work of your soil.
Fitting 2 discs per safety device has allowed us to increase the clearance of the stubble cultivator. The forces are distributed equally on each side of the safety device to optimise its operation and its service life.
Non-stop spring-loaded safety
Non-stop safety allows you to work without stopping. It gives you a comfortable working environment even in stony conditions.
This system ensures a very good penetration of the discs into the soil and the residues, thanks to its strong resistance to release.
Based on the technology used on the Eurochisel tine (Crossland range), it starts its release at 350 kg, to reach a maximum resistance of 420 kg at 10 cm, then the resistance decreases until 18 cm. In this way we limit the stresses and shocks in the frames to increase the life of your equipment.
4 different rollers available
Square bar roller
Aggressive on plant residues, it allows you to create a uniform mulch and accelerate stubble disintegration by maintaining a good level of moisture in the soil. It is lightweight and economical.

Double square bar roller, finishing roller, independent disc mulcher
Double square bar roller
Twice as active, it destroys the most resistant plant residues and leaves behind an excellent finish. The unit is mounted on a pivot to conform to the shape of the land.
Double square bar roller, finishing pattern, independent disc mulcher

Impak V roller, finishing roller, independent disc mulcher
Impak V roller
Row of roller wheels 540 mm diameter. Excellent finish in wet conditions, it gives even ground consolidation. The scrapers prevent soil build up and level between the roller wheel arches.
Impak V roller, finishing pattern, independent disc mulcher

Impak U roller, finishing roller, independent disc mulcher
Impak U roller
Impak U Roller (makes furrows)<br>The Impake U roller compresses. Groove-shaped, it is suitable for all dry soils, compared to the Impak V roller it is smaller, lighter and offers less reconsolidation.
Impak U roller, finishing scheme, independent disc mulcher

Key points of the design.
Large clearances
The distance between the two rows of discs is 950 mm, which makes it easy to work in the presence of a large amount of plant residue.
A high-strength frame
The design of our frames ensures a high level of resistance to stress. We have a very good distribution of the traction forces on the stubble cultivator. The tubes are interlocked in the oxycutting. The steel used is of the highest quality for a top of the range machine.
High performance chassis, high capacity independent disc harrow
An easy-to-use machine
We have favoured the mechanical adjustments of the tool. The working depth, deflectors and following harrows can be adjusted independently.
Simple mechanical adjustment, large diameter independent disc harrow
Hydraulic adjustment of the roller
The master-slave cylinder technology used on our machines is also available. This system ensures that you can adjust the machine continuously.
Hydraulic adjustment of the finishing roller, high capacity disc harrow
Optional following harrows
You can customise your machine by integrating 1 or 2 harrows. The first one between the two rows of discs to channel the flow and make it fall back, to homogenise the mulch. The second, placed between the last row of discs and the rollers, to give your stubble cultivator stability.
Intercalated following harrows, high capacity independent disc harrow
Side disc deflectors
The left-hand deflector is fitted as standard, the right-hand one is optional. They capture the flow of soil from the discs working on the outside of the machine, and channel it inside.
The aim is to have no marking between each pass.
Side disc deflectors, large diameter independent disc harrow
Combination with a plant cover seeder
You can integrate seeder support, footbridge and 300L seeder to carry out directly your cover seeding
Plant cover seeder, shallow stubble cultivator with large diameter independent discs
Well thought-out angles
Our aims were to reduce fuel consumption, improve work consistency and optimise the wearing part.
To achieve this, we reviewed the entry and attack angles, and the curve of the disc.
  1. 1.Non-stop spring-loaded safety and 2 discs pers arm
  2. 2.Large diameter discs
  3. 3.High clearance in the machine
  4. 4.High resistance structure
  5. 5.4 rollers depending on your needs
  1. 6.Continuous hydraulic roller adjustment
  2. 7.Easy to use
  3. 8.Side disc deflectors
  4. 9.Following harrows to channel the flow
  5. 10.Possibility to fit a plant cover seeder
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